3D Wind Service

3D Wind Service is a Finnish company specializing in maintenance and installation of wind turbines. It has been established in 2011 as a joint venture of three medium size service companies and one specialist company. This allows us to have very low organisation structure, but field as many competent technicians as we need. When they do not work on turbines, they have other interesting works to do.

We are ISO 9001 certified, our safety procedures and personal protective equipment are up to date and we have the right tools for the job. Apart from site works we are backed up by several workshop locations where prefabricates or overhauls can be done.

3DWS cooperates with both end clients and equipment manufacturers and performs the works in accordance with requested confidentiality level. Our best references are Customers coming back to us and we take pride in getting the job done even when things do not go as expected and conditions become more difficult.


We perform installations in most demanding places